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Document Set Custom Form May 28, 2012

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Add a document set custom (layout) form.


Document Set To Assemble Document May 20, 2012

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Step 5 – Merge the Content Together

In this solution, there are four kinds of content to be merged:

Text from a Word document

SmartArt graphics from a PowerPoint presentation

Charts from an Excel spreadsheet

Tables of data from an Excel spreadsheet

The following sections describe these steps.

Step 5a – Merge the Word Documents Together

By far, the easiest way to assemble Word documents is to take advantage of the altChunks object. You can find more information about document assembly with altChunks object in the article Creating Documents by Using the Open XML Format SDK 2.0 (Part 3 of 3)

Here is the code to merge documents together in SharePoint Server 2010.


Document Set Search November 10, 2011

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Use the site managed property to focus a search on a document set.

I want to be able to search the content of the document set.  Document Sets are really just fancy folders.  You can tell this by examining the URL when you are viewing one.  Since it is just a folder, I realized that we can make use of the Site keyword that I have talked about before.  Simply provide the URL and you will return all of the results of the document set.  Here is an example.  I can return the entire contents of the document set like in this example.

site:”http://sp2010/RM Test/Work Package 1/”


Enterprise Content Management Planning April 22, 2011

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Document sets planning.

Enterprise content management planning.


Deploy Document Set CAML December 4, 2010

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As you probably know a Document Set is simply a content type which contains other content types.  For today’s example, I’m going to deploy a Document Set called Work Order.  It will contain two child content types: Contract and Invoice.  Let’s look at these child content types real quick.  Both inherit from Document and I only specifically list my custom site columns in it.


MSDN Example Of Sharepoint 2010 Document Assembly August 10, 2010

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Provisioning Document Sets With A Feature

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Creating custom Microsoft SharePoint 2010 document sets by using the browser-based UI is fairly intuitive. However, this work can become more complicated when you are creating them by using SharePoint Features. Document Sets can be created by using new additions to the SharePoint object model, but SharePoint Features provide the most reusability and portability when they are deployed by using SharePoint solution packages.

Corey on document set deployment.


Sharepoint 2010 Document Sets July 5, 2010

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Document sets can share the same metadata.
Versioning the document set instead of the separated documents.
Initiate workflows for the whole document set.
Document set level permission management.
Download all documents of a document set compressed into a ZIP file.
Customizable Welcome Page for all document set.

How to add them.

Let’s see how can we turn on and use this great feature of SharePoint 2010!

Go to the Manage Site Collection Features page and activate the Document Sets feature.
Go to the Document Library’s setting page and choose Advanced Settings. Turn on the allowing of content management.
Add the Document Set content type to your library.



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