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SQL Server 2012 SSRS Samples November 13, 2013

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SQL Server 2012 SSRS report samples.

SQL Server 2012 SSRS drill through samples.


SQL Server 2012 Features Across Editions November 10, 2013

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SQL Server 2012 Certification May 6, 2013

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SQL Server 2012 New Stuff Jump Off Point March 31, 2013

New stuff link

Features link.

Review of new stuff for SQL Server 2012.

XEvents and Distributed Replay.


SQL Server 2012 Encryption March 19, 2013

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Securing SQL Server

Overview of how to help secure the SQL Server platform, and how to work with users and securable objects.

Cryptographic Functions (Transact-SQL)

Information about how to implement cryptographic functions.


Information about how to use a password to encrypt data.


Information about how to use a symmetric key to encrypt data.


Information about how to use an asymmetric key to encrypt data.


Information about how to use a certificate to encrypt data.

<procedure_option> ::=
    [ EXECUTE AS Clause ]


SQL Server 2012 BIS Samples October 6, 2012

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Software Required and Download Locations

Sample Files for Validation


SQL Server 2012 BIS Tabular or OLAP

Summary:This white paper provides practical guidance to help BI professionals and decision makers decide whether SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services tabular or multidimensional modeling provides the best fit for your next BI solution.

Sample data

The examples in this white paper are based on the AdventureWorksDW2012 data file. The AdventureWorks Internet Sales Tabular Model SQL Server 2012 sample project is also used for demonstration purposes. These samples are available for download at

By default, data in tabular models is processed, compressed using the xVelocity in-memory analytics engine (VertiPaq), and stored in an Analysis Services database. The xVelocity engine is an in-memory columnar storage engine that is optimized for high performance analysis and exploration of data. Tabular models are queried using Multidimensional Expressions (MDX) or Data Analysis Expressions (DAX). The xVelocity engine provides fast query times for aggregation queries even on large fact tables.

DirectQuery limitations
There are a few very important design considerations if you are planning to use DirectQuery:
• MDX queries are not supported for a model in DirectQuery mode. This means
you cannot use Microsoft Excel or Microsoft PerformancePoint as reporting
clients on top of a DirectQuery-only model, because these clients all issue
MDX queries.


SQL Server 2012 Technical Articles

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White Papers


SQL Server 2012 and SSRS June 14, 2012

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SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services Tips, Tricks, and Troubleshooting

Went to test the Data Source link and got the error Cannot convert claims identity to windows token.  Started digging around on the web and found numerous articles and blog posts about making sure the Claims to Windows Token Service (C2WTS) is set up and running in SharePoint.  We had set this up for performance point in our production environment but not in our test environment.  Got out the notes and set up a new service account in test to run the service.  Made sure it was given the correct rights on the SSRS server of act like a part of the OS and able to impersonate another identity.  Set up the delegation to the SQL server we were trying to hit and started the service.  Still got the error Cannot convert claims identity to windows token.  Went through this video and tried to verify we had everything set up correctly.  Got Microsoft Support on the case and they started looking at the issues as well.   I finally found this blog and started focusing on the bz71 error which I found.  Tying the bz71 error to the Process ID I noticed that the User Account running the process was the SSRS Service Account.  I thought the process of converting a claims identity to a windows token would be handled by the user running the C2WTS and the account associated with that service.  It appeared that the process doing that conversion or at least the process throwing the error is actually the service account running the SSRS Service Application.  I then set the permissions for the SSRS Service account in the local policy on the SSRS Server to be the same as the C2WTS Account.  I restarted the Service Applications via central admin and things started working.





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