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SYSSSISLOG Squeeze the Asset for Reporting April 9, 2014

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SSRS Master Detail February 2, 2014

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SSRS Data Source for Excel 2013 January 23, 2014

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Figure 1 – Data from Other Sources in PowerPivot

Of course this is not a new idea. Data feeds like this use Open Data Protocol or OData to access data via a standard format, in the case of SSRS, XML-based Atom. You can learn more about OData, Atom and JSON here:


SSRS Visual Studio and Report Builder Tutorials January 14, 2014

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Report Builder tutorial.




SSRS and QR Codes

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SSRS Filter and Parameters January 12, 2014

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Dataset query filters auto-create a Report Parameter –>

Don’t forget!  It is up to you to go visit the Report Parameter properties to validate them, and finish setting them up (for example, default values).  Also, if you delete a parameter from the dataset, SSRS isn’t going to and delete it from the Parameters for you – you’ll need to do that manually.

Report Filter.  This includes filtering after the source query has come back – on a data region (like the Tablix), or a data grouping.  When you implement a filter within the report, when the report is re-executed again with different parameter choices, the Report Server uses cached data rather than returning to the database server.  This is a viable option if you intentionally want to return all possible data from the database server in the initial query.

E.G. Associate the Report Filter (such as a Group property shown below) to a Report Parameter.  Following is an example using @Country:



SSRS Drilldown Whitespace

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From the post: Try to set the Hidden property of the Static Row Group under the Details Group, in this case the whole row will disappear instead of the content of the textboxes.If you are using Report Builder, you need to switch to Advanced Mode (make sure that the Properties and the Grouping windows are displayed, go to the upper right side of the Grouping window and press the black triangle), click on the second “Static” item under the “(Details)” group and you can set the Hidden property on the Properties window. [Krisztian Bocso]



SSRS and ATOM is Data Feed January 11, 2014

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SSRS and SharePoint Setup

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Windows Azure: For information on using Reporting Services with Windows Azure Virtual Machines, see the following:



SSRS Tutorial

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