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Sharepoint 2010 Get Effective User Permissions April 30, 2010

I’ve talked on several occasions about how we can easily use the SharePoint 2010 object model (OM) to discover who has access to a securable object (SPWeb, SPList, or SPListItem) and the fact that we can use the same mechanisms within PowerShell to create useful security/audit reports. On some of those occasions I’ve shown a version of a PowerShell script which gives you a dump to the screen or a text file of every securable object and who has access to it and how they were given access to it – today I’d like to share a new version of that script.

Before we get to the actual script let’s first talk about how to get the information. All securable objects have a method named GetUserEffectivePermissionInfo which is defined in the abstract base class SPSecurableObject (in 2007 this method was defined directly on the SPWeb, SPList, and SPListItem objects). This method returns back an SPPermissionInfo object which we can use to inspect the various role definition bindings and corresponding permission levels.

Once we have the permission details we simple loop through the SPRoleAssignments objects via the RoleAssignments property. This will give us information about how the user is given access to the resource. Next we look at the RoleDefinitionBindings property which returns back a collection of SPRoleDefinition objects that tell us about the type of access granted (e.g., Full Control, etc.).

Powershell script to get user permissions using GetEffectiveUserPermissionInfo.

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