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BDC IDEnumerator and Incremental Crawl November 28, 2010

Filed under: BDC,BDC IDEnumerator,BDC Search Indexing — sladescross @ 10:30 pm

Configuring the __BdcLastModifiedTimestamp Property and IDEnumerator Method

An entity’s IDEnumerator method allows the data for the entity to be indexed as part of a full crawl. To support incremental crawling, one of the fields returned by the entity’s IDEnumerator method should represent the date and time that the entity instance was last updated in the LOB application. In addition, the __BdcLastModifiedTimestamp property of the entity must be set to the value of the Name attribute of the TypeDescriptor for the field that is returned by the IDEnumerator method that represents the last modified date.

The following metadata fragment shows how to set the __BdcLastModifiedTimestamp property on an entity named Product.

<Entity EstimatedInstanceCount="10000" Name="Product">
    <Property Name="Title" Type="System.String">ProductName</Property>
    <Property Name="__BdcLastModifiedTimestamp" Type="System.String">LastModifiedOn</Property>
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